Rachel Says

by Rosalina Maassen

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She looks at me from across the room
Her cowboy boots try to tell me what to do
But I don't need her shit, no I don't need her ways
I don't even want to see her today

I can feel her staring at the back of my head
And I remember every word she said

Rachel says
I don't need her anymore
Rachel says
That my life is such a bore
And when I'm feeling down
She always manages to make me frown
Rachel says

She calls me late at night, even though I need sleep
She knows I got a test, but she wants that stuff she said I could keep
Why she needs it at 3 AM is beyond me
She can take her stereo if she leaves me be

I hear the phone ringing all over again
And I start to wonder how she's been

Rachel says
I don't love her anymore
Rachel says
Not to slam the bedroom door
And when I hit the ground
She turns my head right round
Rachel says

And I don't know what she means
When she gets inside my head
And I don't know what she means
When she crawls inside my bed
So I tell myself
She can't work me up like that
But she always ends up
Finding her way back

Rachel says
That being with me is a chore
Rachel says
Why don't I see her anymore
I don't know what to do
She just makes me feel blue
Rachel says
That I can go to hell

Rachel says
To commit her face to memory
Rachel says
That she could make a man out of me
I keep my life in work and blood
She thinks that she's all clouds and sun
Rachel says


released March 30, 2017
All instruments and vocals - Riley Maassen
Engineering and Production - Jeff Wiggins
Album Artwork - Steph Todd, Eric Shane, Alissa Toner, Kyle Admire, Chazz Noble, Andrea Gould, Riley Maassen, Steph Minarik, Katelyn Costello, Matthew Getch, Ally Collins, Brendan Byrnes, Zellers and Luna, Sabrina Fowler, and Goeff the Frog



all rights reserved


Rosalina Maassen Ithaca, New York

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